In IMCS we focus to the benefit of perfect services and comprehensive solutions in analysis, planning and implementation of computer systems. Solutions that elevate the efficient utilization of the systems of our client, into the modern and competitive enterprising environment.

IMCS Software Solutions - Λύσεις Λογισμικού

Optimal and comprehensive solutions for the business software market.


We develop tailor made software applications and we cover our client during the full software development life cycle, including requirements management, analysis and design of systems, configuration of prototypes, development and installation, training and support.

IMCS Software Solutions - Λύσεις Λογισμικού

Functional and efficient applications that maximize attribution of investment.


We collaborate with our client in order to implement a solution that he really needs, exempted from unnecessary and arid services that raise the cost without corresponding attribution of investment. We closely work with him, we hear his reflections, categorize his needs and record his ideas .

IMCS Software Solutions - Λύσεις Λογισμικού

Our objective is that he receives a perfect result, targeted to his real needs.


If you wish to learn how we can develop your own application, then do contact us! Contact us!