«Price Hub» Media Market Benchmarking Software

Price hub is a media buying benchmarking software for media advertising analysts. The software fully supports the media buying analyst to design his client budget on yearly based distribution by organizing necessary information into smart matrices and automating multiple calculations, in order to identify the best media buying strategy. Additionally with the help of a set of powerful benchmarking process, he can evaluate the prices of a specific client vs. the prices of a pool of clients. He can also evaluate cost / discount performance vs. category and market for TV, print and radio and integrate the results into his client buying strategy.

One of the key dilemmas for a media buyer is to know if he has competitive prices. For that, the usual method is to compare its prices vs. a pool of other advertisers. The process is time consuming when the analyst has to aggregate pools of  tens or hundreds of advertisers or when he want to do a comparison of buying prices  year on year, etc.

Matrix Data Matrix Info

Matrix calculations, here is where the user can enter information in the data pool, make adjustments and calculations in order to build a media buying scenario, the matrix, for his client according to a given budget for a target audience.

Pool Information, displays various pool sizes like cumulated committed and actual budgets of advertisers, number of advertisers in the pool, name of advertisers in the pool, share of sectors (automotive, finance, etc).

Pool info grouped Pool Info

Pool Info Chart (bars) Pool Info Chart (points)

The benchmarking section of Price Hub is a powerful analysis tool to generate comparison reports and charts of an advertiser matrix against pool data of similar advertisers. Results can be grouped by many factors like market sector of interest, year and period, time slot (Day Time, Prime Time, etc). All data results can be exported to various formats (text, xml, html, excel) for further processing or feed into the embedded powerful Chart Processor to generate advanced graphs like bar, pie and line charts.

CPP & TCPP Benchmarks are the actual benchmark of the prepared matrix of prices of a given advertiser against the pool of other advertisers with similar buying scenarios.

CPP (Cost Per Point) is the price that an advertiser pays for buying a unit of audience (GRP30). This cost can be expressed either on the selling target audience of the TV station (CPP) or on a specific target of interest for the advertiser (TCPP).

CPP Benchmark Report CPP Benchmark Report CPP Benchamrk Graph (bars)

Budget Benchmark, is a multi-info report of the prepared matrix of prices of a given advertiser against the pool of other advertisers with similar buying scenarios and mainly a what-if scenario; what would have been the budget of client if he had bought his audience with pool’s prices and how the actual one is evaluated against.

Budget Benchmark Report Budget Benchmark Graph (lines) Budget Benchmark Graph (pie)