«Sword» Platform Accounting System

«Sword» platform is our software application designed to cover accounting organization needs for a wide spectrum of enterprises, providing multiple parameterization and adaptation choices and a comprehensive information system through its innovative features.

It was conceived and designed many years ago and continues to evolve today by development of new modules and improvement of existing ones.

Improvements are materialized taking in account our clients demands and needs and technological evolutions, in order to always provide a modern and efficient working environment which produces comprehensive information.

Some of the platform’s innovative features are:

  • Mixed general ledger development
  • Company Sub-accounts
  • Multi currency features
  • Functional automation
  • Parameterization of data and organizational structure
  • Defined filters of data
  • Forms and lists adaptation
  • Multileveled data & report grouping

And many others, that may be can only be found at big and heavily priced ERP systems.

«Sword» takes full advantage of the Windows environment, the networking capabilities of users in a workgroup and of course the robust and safe environment of SQL Server RDBMS. Elements that provide maximum user experience, excellent organizational structure on multi-user environment, easy maintenance and scalability through the open architecture of data.

Environment features

  • Multi-User
  • Multi-Company
  • Unlimited Branches (Vessels in Maritime version)
  • Unlimited fiscal years
  • ON-LINE updates
  • Open architecture RDMBS
  • Custom Reporting capabilities
  • Client / Server architecture(COM Automation server)

Why to choose «Sword»

The system is comprehensive, fully customizable, makes extensive use of flexible multilevel data grids for data entry and reports and is skilled to produce tailor made multilevel reports. Given the ability of the open database architecture and the client/server architecture the possibilities are endless.

«Sword» Platform Accounting System certainly makes your accounting life easier, by its functionality and a user friendly environment that meets and fulfils all your needs.

Open Architecture

Open Architecture

The choice of the specific RDBMS provides unlimited possibilities for interconnection through other applications such Reporting & Analyzing Tools (Crystal Reports, Report Server, Excel ...), as well as simple management tools like MS Access or even Visual Studio development.

The core of our accounting platform is designed so it can work as "Server / Client" architecture, where application plays the role of the "Server" for central registration and auditing of accounting records that "Client" applications produce. For this reason it provides COM ActiveX interface to external applications so they can connect directly or remotely to its capabilities.

Accounts & sub-accounts

Accounts & sub-accounts

Chart of accounts organization is based on an innovative technique that does not require uniform formation for account codes. The potential of formation of all underlying 2nd level accounts independent from others supports the easy adaptation of the chart of accounts to virtually any type of enterprise.

Extending the technique by the concept of sub-accounts, that essentially -but not exclusively- concerns customers and suppliers, and detaching them from the chart of accounts, we render them as a standalone module that cooperates directly with the chart.



These two innovative features make the Sword platform adaptable to every situation and need, while giving the user complete freedom of choice and flexibility in the chart of accounts organization.

«Sword» roots

Through our experience in developing accounting and financial applications for various sized companies (IBM hellas, Makedonian Spinning and others), we developed the expertise to create an accounting platform that entailed innovative and unique features.

Starting from the appearance of «Sword» as a DOS based ledger application in the mid-90s, it continued by the first completely rewritten for windows «WinSword» version in 2001. Once completed with the adaptations and extensions of Maritime bookkeeping and some technological modernization, is now a comprehensive and polymorphic platform. The “Sword” concept was also used when in the meantime we developed, on behalf of IBM Hellas and its clients, the «EMPORIUM/400» accounting application based on the same design and adapted to AS/400 environment.